1. Pricing

    We offer a wide range of service plans and because of the way we set up our services, we are able to mix and match features from one contract type to another.

    Please note: Since there are thousands of variables that can be taken into account during contract negotiations, not everything can be listed, these are only the most common questions. Prices and rates may be subject to change. Contract customers will only see rate changes upon renewal.

  2. Business Support

    We will do anything we would for a home user, plus:
    Remote Monitoring
    • Tracking hardware performance to stay ahead of any hardware failures helps save money for you, since we are more likely to catch hardware problems before damage is done.
    • Monitoring of anti-virus allows us to ensure your software is kept up to date and you stay fully protected at all times, this is required to be eligible for our "No Virus Promise"
    • Automatic remote tickets created when issues come up, so you don't even have to call us, we will solve more problems before you even know you have a problem.
    Small Business Support
    • This is important for our small business owners, we provide the 24/hr monitoring, plus the support of most business applications.
    • Small business consulting is included in this, and can be used by home users, if you have a need for a piece of software, but you don't know where to begin, we will take what information you have about your need and find a program that will work for you, in your budget,
    Priority placement in our queue when you call.

    Mobile device support included at no cost.

    Pricing for this plan is $60/computer per month

  3. No Contract

    We provide our services to all home users, even if you don't have a contract with us.

    We will do any work at a standard rate of $80/hr for remote support, $125/hr for us to come to you, plus $0.75 for each mile, after 15 miles, using a common navigation website to determine distance.

    Our technicians will find a solution to your problem, or there is no charge to you*.

  4. Home Support

    Our basic service plan is tailored to the average home users. It is designed to provide you the support you need, when you need it.

    • We will install and configure protections including anti-virus and firewalls.
    • Remove virus infections.
    • Help by providing support for most common software such as office, web browsers, games, etc.
    • Provide email support for most third party applications and web based email clients.
    • We will support all Windows and Linux computers, including Chrome books.
    • We will assist with third party appliances, such as routers and printers.

    Pricing is $30/computer per month that you wish to have covered.