Our goal is to provide affordable, professional services to any and all businesses. We pride ourselves on honest work and honest prices. We will not turn you away for being too small, we care for all of our clients, as if it were our own company. 
We offer affordable services to any and all businesses, regardless of the size of your business and the scope of your project. Currently our professional services include Contract Services, Consulting Services, and IT Consulting. Monthly service contracts for businesses start at 3 hours of service a month all the way to 100+ hours per month.

We also offer convenient in-house services. Additionally we will optimize our services and tailor them for your specific business needs. This means you won’t be spending money on services that aren’t needed. Our full service IT consulting services include anything from establishing an entire infrastructure, to even doing research for new software options for you. We work with a variety of software vendors so we make recommendations based on what is best for your business and always stay impartial when helping you decide the best option.

Our mission and business philosophy is built on honesty. In an industry where client billing and customer satisfaction can sometimes be questionable, we make it our goal to be completely transparent and always honest in our business dealings.
This company was started to provide real services to even the smallest client. The IT world is filled with companies that have questionable ethics, to say the least. We wanted to start a professional company, that offers the same services as any other Managed Service Provider, but at a reasonable rate and to everyone.

This is not a service just for companies that can afford to spend thousands a month. We feel that if you can afford that much, you could afford to hire your own department, but MSPs are supposed to take that burden off of you, so we decided to change the way things are done.