We are your Personal IT Department
Design, Create and Implement internal networks.
Advocate for you with vendors, so you can do what you do best.
Work with and train your staff.
24/7 monitoring with remote and on-site support for ALL clients.
Consulting, Administration, and Training for your needsĀ 
Big companies have dedicated IT staff to consult on future needs, administer the technology they use and create training materials and/or train staff, for that technology. These departments are staffed with experts in their fields and cumulatively have decades of experience.

The IT Desk, LLC believes that big corporations should not be the only ones that can afford to take advantage of the knowledge, a team like that brings to your business.

24/7 Montitoring



We monitor your systems, remotely and securely, 24/7 and catch most issues, before they get out of hand.
Starting a new business or just need an upgrade, we will consult with you, every step of the way, to make sure you get exactly what you need.
Maintain your network and ensure your staff is using your technology properly.
Here is a quick look at what we do
  1. Connectivity and networks
    We provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems, through a secure server. This helps us notice things before end users would start reporting issues. We get live stats on errors and updates, just to name a few.
  2. Consulting
    If you are in need of new tech or software, we are experts at finding the right solution for you. We take a comprehensive look at your current network, employees, future plans and any other needs into consideration before making a recommendation.
  3. Business systems
    We can provide support for most common business systems for payroll, customer management, POS, and office software. We can even provide support and hosting for email and cloud storage.
  4. Cloud Storage and Systems
    We can host a variety of cloud services such as email, store fronts, websites and customer relation management systems. We also provide free, unlimited, encrypted, cloud storage for all of our clients. It can be accessed by app, browser or desktop sync.
  5. Research Support
    If you are looking to change you specialization, we can help you research your options. We sit down and work WITH you, to find out what is out there and we can leave the research with you.
  6. Remote Support
    We use a combination of tools to be ensure we are able to do most work remotely. If you are an MSP client, you will even be able to have most work done, without even having to log someone in.
  7. Accounts, Passwords and Security
    We can provide training on safe password policies and work on developing security plans and procedures, to meet your companies needs.
  8. Help, Support and Desktops
    We can offer support through chat, email, phone, remote login and even text for our MSP clients.
  9. Network Admin
    Our team of experts will help ensure your network is up to speed and any downtime is kept to a minimum. We have 24 hour emergency on-site support so even if your business is open in off hours, if you go down, we will be there for you.